I'm not certain why Benny was turned into Rescue. I was only supposed to have him for a couple days until his adoptive family could pick him up. He had been in another foster home and moved to us because we were much closer to the adoptive family. Unfortunately, Benny's adoption fell through for a number of reasons so he stayed here.

Another unfortunate thing happened in that Benny did not integrate into my pack of dogs well at all. Once he settled in here we started having dog fights on a daily (and sometimes several times a day) basis. This situation was very stressful for both my resident dogs and my other foster dogs.

I tried for a few weeks to manage the situation in hopes that the pack dynamic would work itself out, but it became clear that our home was just not the best foster environment for Benny. He was stressed, my other dogs were stressed and I was beyond stressed.

Each foster home has a different "style" and sometimes that style does not work for each individual dog. This was the case with Benny in my home. My "style" is pretty casual because I generally have fosters that are shy or have behavioral issues with how they interact with the "environment". Some foster homes have a more "military" style and are very structured.

Fortunately, I was able to contact another foster home very near me who I thought would offer the type of environment that Benny needed for further rehabilation. She was able to take Benny and he did wonderfully in her home and she was able to place him into a family that thinks he is the BEST DOG EVER!




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