Cajun was originally purchased at a pet store for a 3 year old child's dog. Cajun got along well with the child for a year. When the family had a new baby, Cajun started marking on the child's possessions and was finally turned into Rescue because he snapped when the new baby "grabbed at him".

Cajun was placed into a new home and was returned when he started showing signs of severe seperation anxiety after some months in his new home. He was kept segregated from the larger dogs in the new home and was crated a large portion of the time due to work and training schedules for the larger dogs.

When Cajun first came here his seperation anxiety was so severe that he literally *had* to have a person in sight at all times or he would become extremely agitated.

He could not be crated at all. He would throw himself against the sides of the crate and frantically try to dig his way out. He would chew on the bars of the door and he could not be left in a wire crate because he would try to chew the bars. He could not be put into a crate with *any* items (bedding, toys, water dish) because he would frantically shred or try to shred anything in the crate with him.

He also has a severe thunderstorm phobia which was not mentioned when he was turned into Rescue initially, nor when he was returned to Rescue by the adoptive family.

After several months of having a Papillon permanently attached to me, I noticed that he stopped getting up every time I moved, but would wait and see if I was coming back. If I was gone for what he considered to be too long, he would come find me, but he didn't have to be with me CONSTANTLY.

Cajun has been here nearly two years now and rarely exhibits anxiety anymore other than when there is a thunderstorm (he also does not like fireworks). We can crate him now on the rare instances when it's necessary and he is not anxious about it. We still can't leave anything in a crate with him if he is crated during a storm because he will shred it and I found out the hard way not to close doors when it's thundering because he will tear up the carpet under the doors if they are closed.




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