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I had Otter for a little over 4 years before I moved to Washington. It took about 4 hours for Otter to turn "traitor" and become John's cat.

We decided to get a new kitten, both so I could have a cat again and since I was home all the time it would be better to have a kitten before I went back to work (we didn't know at that time that I wouldn't be able to go back to work at all).

Thus, Orion came into the family. I held her on the drive home and that was pretty much the last time I got to touch her. So much for getting me a cat. I gave up on cats and decided we needed a dog instead.

Orion was named after the cat in the movie Men In Black. That was the first movie John and I saw together when he flew out to South Dakota to move me back to DC with him. Orion is also known as Mooshey and Evil Cat.

Orion turned 6 years old in October 2003.

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