Otter's Den

Otter was brought in, as a stray, to the vet tech program that I was working at, while I was in college. The vet was going to spay her and make her a "barn cat", but Otter had other ideas.

I was *not* looking for another cat as I was about 8 months pregnant and already had one cat at home so I took great pains to ignore Otter (who had no name at the time). Otter also had other ideas about this.

Every time I would walk by the room Otter was kenneled in, she would start purring very loudly.

One day I went into the room and saw that Otter had spilled her water and her cage was soaking wet. I went to find a vet tech student to take care of it, but I couldn't find anyone. I couldn't let Otter sit in a wet cage until I found a student so I thought I would just put fresh bedding in the cage and that would be it.

Once again, Otter had other ideas. The second I picked her up she began purring like an engine and clung to me. Otter spent the rest of the day at the front desk while I worked. The vet and I decided that she would be happier with me than as a barn cat so they vetted her free of charge and she came home with me a few days later.

Many people wonder how Otter got her name. She was named Otter because she would lay on her back and play with her toy mouse on her chest/belly. She looked like an otter swimming on it's back with a sea urchin on it's chest.

Otter turned 11 in April, 2004.

otter otter2

otter3 otter4

Otter1 fur2

Otter3 fur5

Otter6 Otter7

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